The Naughty Cookie was passionately created by Founder & Baker, Jessica Motes. Making sure to have groups of people who aren't vegan taste test the cookies, Jessica strived to perfect her recipes until she had everyone questioning if her cookies really are vegan?! (#GOALS!). The Naughty Cookie's deliciously decadent, 100%vegan cookies, consist of organic and cruelty-free ingredients, free from preservatives and baked fresh daily. 

 "Why The Naughty Cookie?"

"Our cookies may look naughty on the outside but we promise on the inside they're on their sweetest behavior (because they're cruelty-free)!"- Jessica Motes, Founder & Baker

Jessica found her self at her very first Pop-Up, launching her vegan cookie company The Naughty Cookie, at where else but Williams-Sonoma's flagship store in Beverly Hills! Selling vegan cookies not only at a time where vegan food wasn't as accepted and understood as it is now but also somewhere that didn't just target a vegan audience, in fact majority of her customers that day were not vegan and they remain loyal customers to this day. Talk about a great tasting cookie (that just so happens to be vegan)! 

The Naughty Cookie is known as one of the first vegan food companies to be sold at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow and Williams-Sonoma. Recently listed as one of Martha's Exclusives on Martha Stewart's site, there's no doubt The Naughty Cookie is here to stay and will only continue to grow.

 From selling out at Pop-up's, and pretty much anywhere The Naughty Cookie would set up shop, there would be a line of customers ready to get their hands on The Naughty Cookie. Jessica quickly decided making her vegan cookies more accessible was the next step and an online shop where everyone in the nation can enjoy freshly baked vegan cookies, delivered directly to their doorstep, was the obvious choice! The Naughty Cookie pioneered not only a delicious, five star quality vegan cookie, but also paved the way for how vegan cookies are shipped, straight from then oven to one's doorstep and ready for consumption. Making The Naughty Cookie the sweetest gift! 

 Make sure to follow this sweet journey @thenaughtycookie and stay updated on all the exciting news we have in store!  

"Don't sell your tastebuds short, let us show you what a vegan cookie should taste like."- Jessica Motes, Founder and Baker 

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