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"The reinvention of the vegan cookie."

 The Naughty Cookie was passionately created by owner & baker Jessica Motes. "Who said vegan cookies need to lack in flavor, texture and stop at Oatmeal? What about Ooey Gooey S'mores', Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & my secret Summer Camp Cookie?", says Jessica. 


Making sure to have groups of people who aren't vegan taste test the cookies , Jessica strived to perfect her recipes until she had everyone questioning if her cookies really are vegan?! (#GOALS!). 


The Naughty Cookie's deliciously decadent vegan cookies consists of organic and cruelty-free ingredients. Free from preservatives and baked fresh daily. They smell, taste and feel like that cookie we all grew up loving but better!

 "Don't sell your tastebuds short. Let us show you what a vegan cookie should taste like."

         Owner & Baker,  Jessica Motes 


Meet Jessica Motes, Founder &Baker at The Naughty Cookie.

Jessica was born and raised in beautiful Miami, Florida. Taking after her Cuban father in the sweet tooth department, Jessica had a passion for baking and nothing made her happier than watching people enjoy her sweet creations.


"My goal was to always find the person in the room who didn't like sweets (there's always that one person who favors salty over sweet and that's ok, I love a good challenge.) I'd have them try my pastries, when I would see their plate was licked clean, I knew it was a success!" 


Jessica continued to pursue her career as a model and actress but deep down inside always felt baking was her passion. After making her way across the country and officially calling Los Angeles her new home, she visited many vegan restaurants and bakeries that LA has to offer.


"I wasn't quite sure why every vegan cookie I tried lacked in flavor, had the same texture as cardboard and stopped at a vegan oatmeal cookie?! I was given the impression that people thought I had forgotten what a chocolate chip cookie tasted like. Let's not start with craving Linzer's and Madeleines those are impossible to come by for a vegan and I felt challenged to turn that around."


Displeased at the growing pattern of tasteless vegan cookies, Jessica sought out to reinvent the vegan cookie. After countless months of research on cruelty-free & organic ingredients and  almost a year of creating recipes from scratch, she finally perfected her recipes and not a moment goes by when she doesn't have someone bite into The Naughty Cookie and utter the words, "there's no way this cookie is vegan." (#success)  


"Our cruelty-free cookies may look naughty on the outside but we promise on the inside they're on their sweetest behaviour (because they're cruelty-free)."

              -Owner & Baker, Jessica Motes 


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